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Gilbertsville,PA-WWWA / Silver Wing Arena @ Zerns Famers Market

May 9/2009

Before the 1st match WWWA President, Dino Sanna introduced a NEW wrestler to the fans. Mark Angel was a fan that 4 years ago came to all our events at Zerns, and got inspired to get trained to become a Pro- Wrestler. The fans gave him a warm reception, after Angel told the fans to go after your Dreams. He was sitting where they are now (the fans) and now look at him.

Match 1) "Sexy Psycho" Adrian Bliss defeated Boy Boy in a very interesting match to say the least. Bliss took Boy Boy off the top rope, and gave him the Snow ball plunge (top rope sit down bomb) the pinned Boy Boy for the win.

Match 2) Rondey X defeated New Comer Mark Angel by pin fall after a sunset flip into a school boy from the outside the ring apron. Angel complained to the ref that Bliss pulled his tights. even though Angel lost, he was very impressive in his WWWA debut.

Match 3) WORLD TITLE MATCH World Champion, Shatter defeated Even Nemo by pin fall coming off the 2nd rope with Leg drop and then pin him.

Match 4) The Wolfman defeated Dream Catcher by pin fall with a Timber Slam, and then a Pile driver to get the win. After the match Wolfman took a strap and hung Dream Catcher with it. He also attacked Central Div. SR Ref Zack Carlucci.

Match 5) HIGH IMPACT TITLE MATCH "Holister Punk Rocker" Glen Storms defeated Victor Cohones and Champion Magnum XL to become NEW Champion, Hollister pinned Cohones, with the HHT into A DDT. before getting pinned Cohones gave the former champ, Magnum a Face Buster putting him out of the match. After the match as as HPR was celebrating the win, Cohones attached the New champ from behind, and left him sprawled out on the mat.

Match 6) Frankie Frizzo defeated "Heartbreaker", Tyler Symz by pin fall Heartbreaker was going for his Lion Sault, when HB Manager "Super Star" Chuckie D pulled the 2nd rope as Easter Div, Sr Ref. Dan Haney was trying to get Before the match Chuckie D was visibly upset at HB for coming late to the event. HB was scheduled for the World Title Re-Match with Shatter. Chuckie D took the mic, and blasted his wrestler for his lack of professionalism coming late to the event, and missing his shot at the Word Gold. After the Match Heartbreaker got into his manager face for costing him the match, and then gave the Super Star a DDT, and walked out of the ring by himself. Is this the end of TEAM PINK as we know it???

Match 7) US TITLE MATCH US Champ, Mitch A Palooza defeated Nitro the Dark Priest by pin fall with the "PARTY CRASHER" Leg Drop off the Top Rope. Nitro Manager Kasha the Priestest of Goth came into the ring to Give the Champ a spear, as Nitro was holding him, but Mitch got loose, and Kasha spreared her wrestler by mistake. and Palooza retained his title.

Match 8) In a NON TITLE TAG TEAM MATCH, the Latin Connection defeated the Nigerians Nightmares with outside interference. D crazy From the Latin Connection was sandwiched between the 800+ lb. Mafiu & Safiu (Nigerian Nightmares), but he managed to push Ref Carlucci between them and the scheduled ref was unintentionally knocked out. As Mafiu was checking on Safiu, L.C. Manager used his cane to give Safiu a cheap shot. Then the Latin Connection triple teamed teamed Mafiu and gave him Latin Crunch onto a Steel chair. El Monstro had Mafiu pinned but there was no referee to make the 3 count until Ref Steve Chaz jump into the ring and made the 3 count giving Latin Connection the win. After the match the Nigerian Nightmares grab Referee Chaz as he was tending to Carlucci and was head butted by Mafiu. Then he was double splashed and left in the center of the ring by the Nightmares.

After the last match, WWWA President, Dino Sanna informed the announcer that Wolfman has been suspended for 30 days for the vicious attach of Dream Catcher and the referee.

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