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WWWA Executive Team

The Owner, Founder and President of the WWWA, Dino Sanna, is the man who makes the decisions. Now with over 30 years of experience within Professional Wrestling itself Dino's WWWA remains at the top of all wrestling organizations..

While working toward making the WWWA the best promotion possible, he takes a strong family approach to the way shows are presented. You will find his business manner to be strictly geared to bringing quality shows and wrestlers to the masses.

Dino's biggest belief is this....

"The wrestling that you see on TV today is, for the most part, not worth taking your family to see. It has become too violent, too risqué and at times blatantly vulgar. What the World Wide Wrestling Alliance brings you is a great great all around experience for the WHOLE family to enjoy!"




Vice President

With over 20 years of dedication to the industry, Mr Arion stands as one of the most knowledgeable Executives and Active Wrestler in the country. His strong leadership skills and dedication to the industry makes Demetrius the only choice for second in command with the World Wide Wrestling Alliance.

Bruno Sammartino - Commisioner Emeritus of the WWWA
Bruno Sammartino, "The Italian Strongman" he has often been called "The Living Legend" of professional wrestling and is considered one of the greatest performers professional wrestling has ever known.

Born in Pizzoferrato, Abruzzo, Bruno moved to the United States and settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1951. Sammartino started wrestling in 1959. He headlined cards that filled Madison Square Garden on a monthly basis, and over 200 times overall, the most of any individual.

One of the most emotionally-charged feuds of Bruno's career was with current WWWA US Champion, and former Bruno student Larry Zbyszko.

In recent years Sammartino has publicly criticized the direction professional wrestling has taken, making reference to lurid storylines, over-the-top theatrics, steroid abuse, and the like. Sammartino has also refused entry into the WWF Hall of Fame, as he feels it would be hypocritical to accept the invitation after all he's said about them.

Because the WWWA is a Family Oriented (Old School) wrestling company, Mr. Sammartino has aligned himself with the WWWA, and when WWWA President, Dino Sanna asked Bruno to become it's 1st Commissioner he was more then happy to sign on.

The Commissioner makes visits to WWWA events from time to time, and is always happy to take a picture, and sign an autograph with old and new wrestling fans.




The World Wide Wrestling Alliance is committed to bringing you the Best of the Best.

Throughout the years we have seen many new WWWA stars go on to become International Superstars.
This is just one of the reasons we invite you to attend each event, because you might just be able to tell you grandkids, " I saw his first match at the WWWA!"

Demtrius Arion, Rick Steamboat Jr. and Dino Sanna



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