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 Dan Haney, Balls Mahoney and Dino Sanna after a night in Hazleton PA

Sunday, 17 May 2009 09:58

In a night that had more twists and turns than a one-eyed snake, Heartbreaker Tyler Symz defeated Shatter and Demetrius Arion to become the new WORLD CHAMPION in a match that will not soon be forgotten.



The match was originally scheduled to be between Shatter and Heartbreaker, but Demetrius using his new found power as Vice President of the WWWA declared the match to be a three way title bout. Announcing that the belt should belong to Arion, he entered the ring and President Sanna concurred that this now three-way no DQ match was official. From outside the ring there was a glowing smile evolving on Chuckie D's face because he knew that Heartbreaker would be the first target and he would seek his vengeance over last week's breakup from the unlikely source of arch-rival Shatter and Arion.

As the pain was inflicted from the two against one, Arion now turned his focus on getting the belt from Shatter. As the bodies flew out of the ring and to the floor, Shatter lay face down on as Arion brought the crack of the chair to Shatter's back, Heartbreaker in the meantime had time to recover. Shatter was eventually brought back into the ring and the struggle for the belt continued. Arion still wielding the chair brought pain to whoever was close. In an incredible turnaround Arion was thrown out of the ring, by a now a hungry for victory, Heartbreaker. Shatter still immobile on the mat, Heartbreaker made the pin and the World Champion belt found a new waist to adorn.

Last Updated on Saturday, 23 May 2009 06:13
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Sunday, 10 May 2009 20:05

The Latin Connection enters the WWWA

With an entourage of many the Latin Connection took on the mammoth Tag Team Champions the Nigerian Nightmares at May's show in Gilbertsville, PA. With power first shown by the Nigerians it looked as if the Latin Connection was going to have a painful first memory of there meeting the champs. The Connection used all of their seat filling show of force to confuse and distract the Nigerians to pull off a win in this non title bout.


The manager of the Nigerians looks on as the Latin Connection make their mark


Showing they have what it takes, it looks like these Latino's are aiming for belt. President Sanna now has his hands full in delegating who will have the right to face off against the Nightmares. A decision has not yet been made on which upcoming venue but as we learn what happens from this upset, we will bring it to you.

Read more about the show by going to the Results from the WWWA or by clicking here

Last Updated on Monday, 11 May 2009 10:24
Welcome to the WWWA
Welcome from all of us at the World Wide Wrestling Alliance! For over 26 years we have been bringing great family-friendly professional wrestling to the fans!

Sunday, 19 April 2009 08:08

Holmesburg Wins!!!!

The World Wide Wrestling Alliance show at Holmesburg Boys Club proved to be full of unexpected twists for the battle of belts. It was clear by the end of the night that the Holmesburg Boys Club was the overall winner. Entire families were in attendance making this night a success for the WWWA and more importantly the Holmesburg Boy Club for showing you are the true Champions of Philadelphia.

The WWWA is always looking for the next superstar. At Holmesburg BC we scouted and we think we found some future contenders for our Pro Wrestling matchups.


Saturday's night match was hosted by the Holmesburg Boys Club, a non-profit youth athletic association located at 7756 Ditman Street between Rhawn and Sheffield Streets in northeast Philadelphia. Our Credo, "Holmesburg Boys Club, Helps Build Citizens,” is one we truly believe in. Staffed entirely by volunteers, HBC offers girls and boys ages 5-15 the opportunity to participate in various athletic programs including cheerleading, football, basketball, hockey, baseball, and softball.

Holmesburg Boys Club is an approved charitable organization of the United Way. Our United Way donor number is 1651. If you currently donate to the United Way, you can have your funds directed to Holmesburg Boys Club by selecting donor number 1651 on your donation form. Thank you in advance for your support.

You can visit the Club's website by clicking this text

Last Updated on Sunday, 19 April 2009 09:04
Written by WWWA   
Wednesday, 15 April 2009 04:58

Dino Sanna vacates the Womens Championship Belt and adds incentive for the ladies match between
The Amazing Trixie Lynn Vs Former WWWA Champ Little Jeanne

This match turned into a title match pitting the newcomer to the WWWA Trixie Lynn against former champ Little Jeanne. As this was also the return of Little Jeanne to the ring this was a match where both contenders were on a mission to prove themselves. Little Jeanne swaggered in with the bravado of a seasoned champion accompanied by her manager, The Hat Guy. Trixie Lynn brought an immediate electricty to the arena engaging the fans knowing that she has the strength and stamina to face the fiercest competitor.
This battle became an aerial match full of high flying kicks, forearms and the occasional hair pull. With Trixie looking as she was about to gain her first belt in her WWWA debut, The Hat Guy assisted in Little Jeanne's struggle by choking Trixie on the ropes as Little Jeanne distracted the ever distracble Senior Referee Dan Haney. It was soon to be over as the almost now lifeless Trixie was pinned by Jeanne. With her protests ignored, Trixie was just schooled on the first rule of the WWWA, "If your opponent has a manager, and Dan Haney is your ref, you are going to need backup." Hopefully this was a lessoned learned and let's all hope there will be a rematch in the near future.

Welcome Back & Congratulations to Little Jeanne for gaining the belt. Now that you are Queen of the Hill, you will have you hands full with all ladies who want what you got.

Last Updated on Sunday, 19 April 2009 08:08
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