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Written by WWWA   
Saturday, 11 April 2009 22:56

The page has turned in Gilbertsville

As the night headed for a climatic finish, fans were not disappointed as the final match pitted Champion Glen Osbourne against Boyertown’s own Mitch-A-Palooza. This was a title match for the US Champion Belt. >Dominating from the ring of the bell, ‘The Beast’ Osbourne controlled with his power over the agility of Palooza.

With the incredible stamina and conditioning Mitch fought through the pain and gained control of the ring. With the chanting of the Palooza strong crowd this newly born star shined in taking complete command. His relentless sniper-like assault on the Champion resulted in a spectacular ending leaving Osbourne flat on the boards and the bells ringing that his reign had ended.

Mitch-A-Palooza had gained his first belt in the WWWA. The new US Champion raised his cut physique in victory as the masses in the Silver Wing erupted in cheers for the newly crowned champ. Mitch’s father, who has supported his champion son since entering the world of wrestling was as proud as the day he was born as this glassy eyed parent was able to witness his son reach his dream. As for the new US Champion, Mitch was gracious in taking the time to celebrate his victory with all the fans sharing the moment with countless photos and hugs from the crowd.


The New US CHAMPION Mitch-A-Palooza


Change of colors
Written by Correspondent   
Saturday, 11 April 2009 21:57
The World Champion Shatter matched up with Heartbreaker Tyler Symz. As Heartbreaker was being introduced the hobbling Chuckie D entered the arena with crutches and neck brace in tow. In March, Daddy Palooza brought this hurt on to Chuckie D at the end of the night because of an ongoing battle between the two families. Heartbreaker followed his manager in with the same bravado all the while sporting his pink sunglasses, robe and leopard print shorts. As anticipated built for the introduction of the World Champ, this reporter noticed sweat starting to bead up on the hobbled manager showing that he has not yet fully regained his confidence after his beat down.
Last Updated on Sunday, 17 May 2009 14:28
March 14th 2009

WWWA Commissioner Stu Mc Kenzie came to ring side to inform the fans that WWWA President, Dino Sanna was not present for the show but was in Pittsburgh PA with Commissioner Emeritus, Bruno Sammartino. He told the fans that Dino would have a MAJOR announcement at next months show on April 11th regarding the NEW Direction the WWWA will be taking.



As Sr. Referee Dan Haney was leaving the ring, the WWWA Commissioner called him back. He question Haney’s action of last month when he let Chuckie D Wrestle as Shatter, and lose the belt to Heartbreaker. Haney told Stu the only person that has treated him right in the last few months was TEAM PINK, and what he did in his mind was OK since he was the only one that attended the Championship committee meeting that he scheduled, attended and then voted on the decision to let Chuckie D wrestle, and his decision stands. Then Superstar Chuckie D came out with the World Title Belt. The Commissioner took the belt from him, and gave it to the REAL Shatter who was standing ring side awaiting the Commissioner’s verdict.

WWWA honors Bruno Sammartino, and vice versa PDF Print E-mail
Written by WWWA Announcement   
Monday, 17 November 2008 19:00
He sold out Madison Square Garden, the Spectrum, and other arenas in his career, but when Bruno Sammartino accepts a wrestling Hall of Fame induction tomorrow for what he says might be the first time, the ceremony won't take place in one of those hallowed halls of headlocks.

Rather, it will be held at Marjeane Caterers in Lansdale, where the only high school in the borough doesn't even have a wrestling program.

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This feature article was publish by the Philadelphia Inquirer, written by Lou Rabito

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