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Results from the February 11th event at
The Silver Wing Arena
Gilbertsville, PA

With another packed house with standing room only President and owner of the WWWA Dino Sanna introduced the fans to Kristoffer Koloff the nephew of Nikita Koloff. Koloff was lead to the ring by his manager the Original Hat Guy. Both Hat Gut and Koloff had some very interesting choice words for the fans in attendance.


Match 1 Rodney X vrs Chris Crossfire with Referee Steve Chaz

Rodney X schooled the young Crossfire and basically wiped the mat with Crossfire eventually hitting him with a neck breaker to take the victory

Match 2  Jethro Hicks vrs Slim Whisky with Referee Shovelhead Chuck

There was no love shown between these two grapplers.Jethro hicks hit Whisky with a of  beating.The Pig farmer from Alabama made it very clear that Whisky would not be out at the bar as he hit him with a hog slam from down south as he pinned Whisky for the victory.

Match 3 Stan "The Man" Styles vrs Amadeus with Referee Zack Carlucci

The flamboyant Stan Styles pinned Armadeus and scored the victory.

Match 4 Tag team match the Disciples vrs The Young Aces with referee Zack Carlucci

The young Aces should quick speed and great ring ability but how ever the veteran tag team of the Disciples were to much for this young team.The disciples showed why they are the top contenders for the tag team titles with their victory

Match 5 Blitz Krieg vrs Sinister X with Referee Steve Chaz

With Blizt Krieg mouthing off to the fans in attendance the music of Sinister X Blasted..X came running out with a purpose on his mind.Knocking out the competition and climbing the ladder to the  top spot in a shot for the world title.It was a hard fought match but Sinister x showed the mouth German why Americans are the very best in the sport with a very powerful slam from hell to gain the victory.

Match 6  Tag team match D-Row vrs The Hell Fire Club with Referee Steve Chaz

D-Row took advantage in this match showing strength and bruit force.They were simply destroying Hell Fire.But however the Hell Fire Club would fight back and take the victory.

Match  7  Kristoffer Koloff  vrs United States champion Mike Goldstein with referee Steve Chaz

Mike Goldstein simply refused to defend United States Championship against a Russian  but this did not bother the big Koloff.The two fought back and forth.The manager of koloff would jump up on the ring to distract the ref giving full advantage the koloff.The fans in attendance claimed the Hay man tossed something to Koloff and used it to knock out Goldstein to take the victory, but how ever the referee in charge did not see any weapon being used and i must admit i did not see a weapon used in the match either.

Match 8 Chad Evans vrs Kekoa "The Flying Hawaiian" with referee Zack Carlucci

A very exciting match with to great high flying superstars,both of the wrestlers had many close pin fails through out the match.How ever Kekoa was to much for Evans to handle.Winner by pin fall Kekoa.

Match 9 High Impact Championship challenger Manny Rivera vrs Champion Chris Burns

Chris Burns would retain his title by pinning Rivera But how ever I believe this is far from over.Rivera will have his day for a rematch and and his day to celebrate victory

Match 10 Intercontinental Championship Challenger The Wolfman vrs Champion GreyWolf

This was no contest for the Champion.He dusted the ring off with Wolfmans body.Wolfman would run his mouth before the fight but his mouth was the only fight he had.Grey wolf wins and retains his title with out breaking a sweat.

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