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Results from January 14th

The night started out with special guest ring announcer Mr David Adams filling in for Jenn..David Adam introduced President and owner of the WWWA Mr Dino Sanna.Mr Sanna greeted another packed house and mentioned that in attendance was the King of Old School Steve Corino. I would also like to mention in attendance was a former WWWA World Champion Shatter.

Match 1
Slim Whisky vrs Greg Garvin with referee Shovel Head Chuck

These two competitors fought back and forth with each of them taking advantage at one point.How ever in the end Slim Whisky would get the pin fall and headed straight back to the local bar and bought everyone a few rounds of drinks.

Match 2

"The Indies Most hated" Amadeus Thorn vrs Kekoa "The Flying Hawaiin" with referee Steve Chaz

Kekoa making is WWWA return came up a little short on this night as Amadeus Thorn took the pin fall for victory.

Match 3

High Impact Championship challenger Sabastian Cruz vrs High Impact Champion Chris Burns with referee Zack Carlucci.

In a match that featured two very talented high flyers with each one getting respect form the fans.Sabastian entertained the  the fans with a unique style.The two superstars both had the chance of winning the match but how ever Champion Chris Burns would take the victory on this night.I hope to see a rematch real soon.

Match 4

Divas Division The Psycho Siren" Aida Maria vrs Gabby Gilbert with Referee Steve Chaz (lucky dude)

The lovely and talented Aida Maria rolled Gabby Gilbert up for a 3 count and the victory. Could Aida be a contender for the vacant women's title??

Match 5

Number 1 contenders match for the Tag team titles The Young Aces vrs The Hell fire Club

with referee Zack Carlucci.

In a match that showed strength,high flyers,lighting quick speed the two teams battled it out inside the squared circle but only one of these teams would tag the victory.The Hell Fire club did just that and where a little more than the Young Aces could handle  on this night.The winners and number one contenders The Hell fire club

Match 6

# 1 contenders match for the High Impact Championship  Rodney X vrs Many Rivera with referee Shovel Head Chuck

In a match the featured 2 wrestlers with very similar of speed,high flying ability with both wrestlers coming close with victory.But the night and the victory belonged to Many Rivera who rolled Rodney X up for the pin fall.

Match 7
United States Championship Challenger Mike "The real Deal" Goldstein vrs US champion Wolfman with referee Steve Chaz

As the challenger was in the ring the Champion came to the ring with the U.S. title.the Wolfman would tell Goldstein he could not defend his title due to injury and would there for hand his title over to Dino Sanna.Mr Sanna informed the Wolfman that he did the right thing and also told him he would get a shot at the title when he is medically cleared by the Doctors.The Wolfman would than inform Mike Goldstein that he will be given his shot at the title against any wrestler man enough to come out of the locker room.

To everyones surprise out walks"The Nemesis"Domanick Monroe and his tag team partner "The first born son" Bloodhound..All three wrestlers were informed that that match was now a three way dance for the U.S. Title.Brock and Monroe would double team Goldstein during the match but pulling each other off of Goldstein if the other one was going for the pin.The double team effort would back fire on Monroe and the Bloodhound when the Bloodhound was holding up Goldstein for Monroe to superkick the "Real Deals" head off but in a split second Goldstein would duck the superkick as Monroe would superkick his own partner as Goldstein covered up Bloodhound for the pin fall and the victory..Congradulations Mike Goldstein for becoming the new U.S Champion.After the match was won the Wolfman came inside the ring to give Goldstein his belt.give it to him is just what Wolfman did all right as he planted the belt right over Goldsteins head..

Match 8

Stan Kowasa vrs Cole Callaway with referee Shovel Head Chuck

Definitely a different type of match all together in my opinion.Not really know what words to use to describe either one of these two superstars.Maybe Flamboyant,colorful,alternative,drama queen special.How ever it was one heck of a entertaining match that kept everyone in the building laughing and entertained.These two did just about anything besides pull hair and scratched  each other to death.As one may expect to see in this match.The victory went to theone in the rainbow tights Cole Callaway..After the match Cole pranced around the ring as well as outside the ring..

Match 9

Tag team title match Challengers D-Row vrs Tag Team Champions the Big Dogs Cujo the Hell Hound and Izzy Kensinton with Manager The Original Hatguy
with referee Zack Carlucci

In this contest both teams showed pure strength.Both teams beating each other with pure force.Both teams fought the the bitter end with the Big Dogs gaining the victory and retaining their Gold.I would also like to say congratulations for recently winning the Pittsburgh heavy weight title..

Match 10
Main Event for the World Title.
Challenger Big Joe Gomez vrs Champion Molson

As both of these big men were in the ring and before the bell could sound the music of Sinister x would blast.Sinister would take the microphone and demanded that this world title match be a three way.Demetris Arion would come to ring side Telling sinister x that he had some really big nerves demanding to be included in this match since Joe Gomez pinned him One moth ago in the enter of the ring.But also said that he liked the idea and granted the match.Both Sinister and Molson doubled team the fan favorite Joe Gomez. With every fan in the building chanting Joe Joe Joe Joe ...Gomez started making a come back.All three of these monsters battled both inside and outside of the ring.Referee Steve chaz would get knocked down.With Molson outside the ring Gomez would cover Sinister x for the count of three but the referee was out cold Gomez would take the hand of the ref and counted to three..the refs hand did come to the mat 3 World champion Big Joe Gomez...Wait referee Steve Chaz comes through after being knocked out calling for the bell and calling it a no contest handing the World title back to Molson.. Demetris Arion would come to ring side with microphone in hand explaining to all the monsters that next month there will be a return match for the world title falls will count anywhere and there will be a winner.Explaining   to Molson he can not save is title by being disqualified.

Still in the ring was Big Joe Gomez and referee Steve Chaz.the referee was trying to explain to Joe Gomez why he did what he did.Joe Gomez not buying what Steve chaz was saying kicked the referee and gave him the might Joe Gomez slam

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