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December 10th, WWWA, Silver Wing Arena, Gilbertsville, PA

The night started off with President and CEO Dino Sanna greeting 300 plus fans and started wishing them happy holidays but stopped and changed what he was going to say and took a stand for what he believes is right and wished everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. All of a sudden the music of Rodney X. Rodney entered the ring and also wished everyone a Merry Christmas. Rodney also stated that last month’s match with High Impact Champion Chris Burns the referee got something in his eyes. Demanding a rematch with the champion, Dino being in the Christmas Spirit Granted Rodney X the rematch stating that the rematch starts now.

Match 1 for the High Impact Championship Challenger Rodney X verses High Impact Champion Chris Burns

In a match with a lot of electric that could have gone either way with each superstar gaining close pin falls. Rodney X's dreams of winning the High Impact Championship ended win Champion Chris Burns pinned Rodney in the center of the ring. Showing respect for each other the two superstars shook hands in the center of the ring with Rodney x raising the hand of Chris burns.

Match 2 New comer Manny Rivera vs. Jethro Hicks

Manny Rivera showing lighting quick speed and skill inside the ring showed little to no respect to Hillbilly Jethro Hicks. However Jethro Hicks showed the Puerto Rican superstar what it was like to be in the ring with a hog farmer from Alabama. The good old country boy won the match with a pin fall over Rivera.

Match 3. Slim Whisky vs. Dr Ruthless

Slim Whisky came to the ring having one too many drinks taking the mic and challenging Dr Ruthless to a classic wrestling match since he could not beat the Dr in street fight the last time they met. Dr Ruthelss came to the ring dancing for the ladies at ring side. Ruthless entered the ring and the fight began. Ruthless was all over his onetime best friend like there was no tomorrow. Getting frustrated not being able to get an upper hand in the match Slim Whisky grabbed his cane and hit Dr Ruthless with it Beating the Dr the cane cost Slim the match. Dr Ruthless won by dq

Match 4 Tag team match up the Last disciple Dominik Monroe and the Bloodhound vs. the Young Aces.

Dominik Monroe and the Bloodhound was too much for the new high flying team known as the Young Aces hitting them with a double super kick to score the victory.

Match 5

Number 1 contenders match for the US championshipheld by the Wolfman Mike "The Real Deal" Goldstein vs. up and coming superstar Ken Phoenix This match had a lot of electricity to it with 2 young wrestlers trying to make a name for themselves in professional wrestling both men showed a lot of skill inside the ring, but in the end Mike Goldstein showed Ken Phoenix why he calls himself the real deal with a powerful "real deal" slam in the center of the ring.

Match 6 Tag team match up the Gambino brothers vs. D Row

First team to enter the ring was the Gambino brothers. The crowd of 300 plus booed the brothers as the Gambino brothers showed little respect to the fans. D Row would come to the ring with the crowd going crazy. The 2 teams fought back and forth but in the end D Row cleaned house and after beating the Gambino brothers chased them back to Italy.

Match 7 the Indys most hated Amadeus Thorn vs. King Kaluha

In a hard fought match up King Kaluha wins by pin fall after Amadeus thorn tried hitting Kaluha with his cane and missed as Kaluha ducked his attacker and pinning him for the 3 count.

Match 8 Tag team Title match The Hell fire club vs. Tag team champions Cujos the Hellhound and???
As the Hell fire club was already in the ring waiting for their shot at the tag team belts the music for Cujo blasted the building of the back the Hat guy and Cujo appears without a tag partner. President Dino Sanna questioned the Hat Guy and Cujo about Cujos partner. The Hat Man took the microphone and wanted to assure the people in the audience that he does have a heart and wanted to express his feelings to each and everyone one of them that they all have a very lousy Christmas and he hates each one of them.The hat guy went on from their claiming that Cujo does have a tag team partner and his tag team partner was "the co holder" of the tag belts the one and only Izzy Kensington.The music played and out came Izzy after a few months of being away.( i like to say it was great to see Izzy back) The 2 teams exchanged blows back and forth. Either one of these teams could of walked away as winner of that match but however the tag team champions were too much for Hell fire on this night as they retained their belts. Welcome home Izzy...

Match 9 World Title match Blitzkrieg vs. world champion Molson

Blitzkrieg gave it his best shot and had several chances to win the world title but in the end Molson was too much of a mountain for the man from Germany to handle. Molson retains his world title with a big splash off the ropes and the pin fall.

Match 10 main event Sinister X with his manager The Wolfman vs. the "Beast" Joe Gomez

In a return match from last month the ended in a double count out. Sinister X claimed that Joe Gomez was going down. The theme Music for Joe Gomez sounds.the crowd goes wild.Joe Joe Joe Joe chants from all around. The 2 big men lock up in the center of the ring with Sinister X taking the early advantage. These 2 power house would exchange blows during the entire match. The entire match went back and forth but in the end Joe Gomez took down sinister X as well as the ceiling with a giant slam and the pin fall.In a show of true sportsmanship Joe Gomez extended his hand.Sinister x accepted the hand shack and than closed lined Joe Gomez.As sinister X left the ring standing in the back round looking at Joe Gomez was world champion Molson.

In al it was a great night of wrestling

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