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Zern’s House Show Results for March 12, 2011 at Silver Wing Arena

Written by Senior WWWA Official Steve Chaz™

Dino Sanna starts off the evening speaking about checking out the WWWA website. He goes on to state that the WWWA has weekly shows and to check out the website for all the details. Also he spoke about the Hazleton Show on March 19, 2011 which will be a TV taping, don’t miss out on this event.

1st Match -  --=Singles Match =-- Officiated by William Samuels -  Chris Crossfire vs. Chris Burns

Both competitors received mix emotions from the crowd. The match started out with both competitors offering a friendly handshake and then locking up with a collar and elbow tie-up. Chris Burns very impressive against Chris Crossfire.  The two competitors went back and forth at each other but in the end Chris Burns gets the upset over Chris Crossfire. Chris Burns climbs the ropes for his finisher.  Chris Burns is your winner.

2nd Match --= Singles Match =--  Officiated by Referee Steve Chaz™ - Amadeus vs. The Real Deal Mike Goldstein

The crowd had mix ovations for Amadeus as he makes his way to the ring. Many fans mocking him for his entrance. Mike Goldstein had an impressive applause from the crowd. The match started out with Amadeus sneaking up behind Mike Goldstein and attacking him. Amadeus kept cheating throughout the match and the referee kept catching him but Mike Goldstein held his own. Goldstein had many near falls against Amadeus. Goldstein at one point thought he won the match because the referee hit three, but right on three Amadeus got his shoulder up, it was a near fall but not a three.  As the events unfolded Amadeus was given his cane by his entourage but referee  Steve Chaz™  was distracted and Amadeus used the cane to hit Goldstein in the head and going for the pinfall. Your winner  by pinfall, Amadeus. The crowd was very upset with Steve Chaz’s not seeing what happened with the cane. The crowd became very vocal toward Steve Chaz.

3rd Match --= Singles Match =-- Officiated by Wolfman – Shawn Silence –w- Manager Matthew Beretta vs. The Lost Warrior Grey Wolf

Both athletes lock up with a collar and elbow tie up.  The Grey Wolf showed much domination and power strength over  Shawn Silence throughout part of the match. Shawn Silence came back also with his own tactics, but in the end did not prevail. Shawn Silence was cut short when The Lost Warrior Grey Wolf hit his finisher, a powerful body slam.

4th Match   --=Intercontinental Championship Title Match=--  Officiated by Steve Chaz™ – Hollister Punk Rocker Glenn Storms –w- Manager Geatano Celano vs. The Handyman Domanick Monroe

As HPR makes his way to the ring with his manager Gaetano  Celano the crowd is very irate and upset with the comments made by their manager. The Handyman received a standing ovation from the crowd.
Collar and elbow tie up to start up there match. Both men went back and forth showing their strength and wrestling ability. On many occasions Referee Steve Chaz was distracted by Manager Geatano Celano and HPR went to work on Monroe. But Monroe took matters into his own hands when Manager Geatano Celanao jumped onto the ring apron once again, Monroe hit Celano with his Super Kick knocking Celano out onto the hard concrete floor. HPR right away goes up from behind Monroe and quickly rolls him up for a pin but Monroe kicks out on two. HPR is so upset with the referee’s count, he approaches Referee Steve Chaz in argument with his count, but as HPR turns around Monroe hits him with his Super Kick. Monroe gets the pinfall and retains his Intercontinental Championship Title.

5th Match --= US Championship Title Match =--  Officiated by William Samuels – Tony Mask vs. Dennis Reaper

Tony Mask & Dennis Reaper both receiving standing ovations from this sold out Silver Wing Arena.
Both athletes going at each other’s throats. The match was a constant back and forth see saw matchup but in the end Dennis Reaper prevailed with a running kick to the side of Tony Mask’s head. Your winner and still US Champion Dennis Reaper.

6th Match --= Women’s Singles Match =-- Officiated by Referee Steve Chaz™ - Jackie Daniels vs. Adrian Bliss

Jackie comes out drinking her bottle of Jack Daniels and seemed a little tipsy. She comes out yelling at Dino Sanna she doesn’t want to fight any women and wants to fight any man. So Dino Sanna brings out her challenger. Adrian Bliss comes out to take on Jackie Daniels. As Bliss makes his entrance into the ring, Jackie Daniels attacks him from behind. Jackie goes at Bliss like a wild animal. Bliss screaming this isn’t a women. Both go at each other’s throats. Jackie dominated the match until the end. Bliss hits Jackie in the face with his elbow knocking her out for the pin. Adrian Bliss is your winner.

7th Match --= Singles Match =-- Officiated by Referee Steve Chaz™ - Shaheem Ali vs. Zach Lorenzo

Collar and elbow tie up to start up there match. Ali showing off his power and corning Lorenzo into the corner with a clean break. Both athletes showing off their power and strength in the beginning of their match up. Many near falls and Ali showing great skill and ability as he dominates the matchup against Lorenzo.  Lorenzo using many of his tricks but Referee Steve Chaz was there to catch most of them. Lorenzo goes for a cheap shot and hit Ali below the belt. Steve Chaz catching the low blow and calling for the bell. A DQ against Zach Lorenzo for the low blow. Your winner Shaheem Ali.

8th Match --= Singles Match=-- Officiated by William Samuels – Molson vs. Joe Gomez

Joe Gomez making his WWWA Debut. Gomez huge and powerful, this beast making his way to the ring got mixed results from this sold out crowd. Both men testing their strength as they start the match with a collar elbow tie-up. Gomez showing tremendous strength, but Molson coming back showing his own powerhouse like strength. Gomez knocking Molson out of the ring and both men going at each other. Not hearing the referee’s count to 10 both men were counted out for a double count out.  

9th Match --= Tag Team Title Match =--  Officiated by Referee Steve Chaz™ - The Mad Dog’s –w- Manager The Original Hat Guy vs. Maifu and Saifu –w- Manager VooDoo Princess Sheeta and handler Damien Hellstorm

As The Mad Dog’s make their way to the ring the crowd is very rowdy and booing them.  The crowd is very quiet and confused as is the referee and their opponents as they watch in awe as The Nigerian Nightmares –w- Manager Voodoo Princess Sheeta make their way into the ring. The match starts out with all tag team members in the ring going at it. Finally the legal men, Cujo and Maifu start out in the ring as Steve Chaz gets order of the match. As the match goes on inside the ring, there is total chias outside of the ring with the other tag team partners going at it. The entire tag team match was out of control. Steve Chaz not able to keep order in this matchup. Finally, Steve Chaz getting the legal men back into the ring. Both Maifu & Saifu pan caking there opponent and going for spinning heel kick and going for the pin. Just as Referee Steve Chaz goes for the count The Hat Guy  runs and pulls Steve Chaz out of the ring and sucker punches hit to the ground. While Steve Chaz is down, William Samuels comes into the ring and counts the pin. They announce the winners and NEW Tag Team Champions the Nigerian Nightmares. But Referee Steve Chaz gets back into the ring and reverses the decision to a DQ against the Mad Dog’s. Nigerian Nightmares win by DQ but no title change. Your winners Nigerian Nightmares, but Mad Dog’s retain their Tag Team Titles. Nigerian Nightmares are irate at this point. The Nightmares seem to think they still won, but then realize what happened. They offer a truce to the referee due to always pummeling Steve Chaz every chance they get. As they offer their hand to friendship to referee Steve Chaz, Maifu pulls Steve Chaz into a bear hug and sets him up for Saifu to give Steve Chaz a leg drop. Steve Chaz lays in the ring once again beat up by the Nigerian Nightmares.

10th Match --= World Heavy Weight Championship  Match =-- Officiated by Referee William Samuels –  Dr. Ruthless vs. Demetrius Arion

The match starts out with Demetrius Arion hitting Ruthless with many punches to the head and then pummeling Dr. Ruthless into the corner. Both men showing off their power and strength against each other. Demetrius Arion being so big and powerful didn’t really have a big impact on Dr. Ruthless. Ruthless still was able to kick Arion around the ring. But both men went back and forth at each other.
Many close calls against these giants. Toward the end of the match Dr. Ruthless had the match basically won. Ruthless managed to pick up Arion and turn him upside down in the corner and was ready to man handle him but Arion got out of the situation and had Dr. Ruthless down on the mat and started to wrench on Ruthless’s leg. The Mad Dog’s came running out from the back with Molson and Hat Guy and attacked both Demetrius Arion & Dr. Ruthless. The referee called a double DQ. Demetrius grabs the Mic and call outs The Hat Guy. Both Demetrius Arion & Dr. Ruthless will face The Mad Dog’s with The Hat Guy on April 9th at Zern’s.

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