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Zern’s House Show Results for Feb 12, 2011 at Silver Wing Arena

Written by Senior WWWA Official Steve Chaz™

Dino Sanna starts off the evening speaking about the WWWA 30th Anniversary coming in May. Dino will announce a date for May in the upcoming weeks for this special show. Dino goes into thanking all the fans for coming and announces the WWWA has more new superstar’s and will be having many more special matches for the upcoming shows.

1st Match --=U.S. Championship Match=--  Officiated by Referee Zack Carlucci - Zach Lorenzo –w- Manager Geatano Celano vs. US Champion Dennis Reaper

Zach Lorenzo –w/ Manager Gaetano Celano bringing much hate from the crowd as they are booed into the ring. U.S. Champion Dennis Reaper with a standing ovation from the crowd as he makes his way into the ring. The match starts off with a classic collar and elbow tie up and getting pushed into the corner many times with clean breaks, but both wrestlers’s complained on hair pulling. The beginning match was basically a back and forth see-saw matchup up until mid-match were Zach Lorenzo dominated the match. Many close calls for the U.S. Champion Dennis Reaper. Zach Lorenzo constantly complained to the referee that his counts were slow. Dennis Reaper went up to the top rope for his leg drop but Zach Lorenzo moved and Dennis Reaper found an empty mat. Zach taking advantage of that went for his finisher on two occasions and Dennis countered both times, when finally Dennis Reaper counters the second attempt by Zach Lorenzo into Dennis’s finisher. Dennis Reaper gets the pin to retain his U.S. Title.

2nd Match --= Singles Match =--  Officiated by Referee Steve Chaz™ - Dream Catcher vs. J.D. The Ice Cream Man

Dream Catcher receives many applauds from the crowd as he makes his way to the ring. J.D. The Ice Cream man received mixed signals from the crowd, many booed but many just wanted his ice cream he brought to the ring. The match started with Dream Catcher going around the back for a waist lock on the Ice Cream Man. The Ice Cream man throwing many punches to Dream Catcher. The Ice Cream man dominated the matchup until the end. Dream Catcher does a running knee lift to the face of the Ice Cream man who is in the corner, which Dream Catcher follows up with an arm wrench submission. Dream Catcher win the match and out of good sportsmanship helps up the Ice Cream Man and raises his hand.

3rd Match --= Singles Match =-- Officiated by Zach Carlucci – Amadeus vs. The Bulldog James Dillon

The crowd had mixed ovations for Amadeus as he makes his way to the ring. As for the new comer The Bulldog he received a great applaud from this wild crowd. The match had not even started and Amadeus was trying to get an early cheap shot in on the Bulldog, but senior sWo official Zack Carlucci kept order until he rang the bell.  Both athletes lock up with a collar and elbow tie up.  The Bulldog James Dillon dominated the entire match against Amadeus. Amadeus was no match for this powerhouse.  The bulldog lifted up Amadeus as if he was going for a suplex but rested Amadeus’s legs onto the top ropes for a modified neck breaker. Amadeus went for a desperate move and rolled out of the ring to get his cane and use it as a weapon on the Bulldog. The referee calls for a D.Q. on Amadeus. Your winner by D.Q. The Bulldog James Dillon.


4th Match   --=Singles Match=--  Officiated by Williams Samuels – Sean Silence vs. Shaheem Ali

Many mixed ovations for both new comers as they made their way to the ring. Both men locking up with a collar and elbow tie-up. Both new comers possessed some impressive skill and moves in the ring as they dazzled the crowd in this see-saw matchup. Shaheem Ali had many close pinfalls on Sean Silence.
Sean Silence finally getting some momentum in the match picks up Shaheem Ali for a what we all thought would be a running power slam, but was trying to be countered by Shaheem Ali but Sean Silence prevailed and turned the move into a modified diamond cutter for the pin fall. Your winner of the match by pin fall Sean Silence.

5th Match --= Women’s Singles Match =--  Officiated by Referee Zack Carlucci – Autumn Breeze vs. Jacky Daniels

New comer Jacky Daniels had mixed reviews by the fans as she made her way to the ring. As what we all thought was going to be a clean matchup between these ladies that was far from it. Collar and elbow tie up was turned into a kick to the gut by Jacky Daniels. New comer Jacky Daniels showed some great skill in the ring, but Autumn Breeze showed her who’s boss in the ring.  Autumn Breeze applying her finishing move for the pin fall win.

6th Match --= Singles Match =-- Officiated by Referee Steve Chaz™ - Hollister Punk Rocker Glenn Storms –w- Manager Geatano Celano & Partner Zach Lorenzo vs. Andy Header –w- Manager The Original Hat Guy

As HPR makes his way to the ring with his one half tag team partner Zach Lorenzo and manager Gaetano  Celano the crowd is very irate and upset with the comments made by their manager. The Original Hat guy comes out to introduce his newly acquired talent which was making his debut tonight in this match. Many mixed ovations by the new comer by the crowd. The bell rings and both men lock up with a collar and elbow tie up.  Both athletes showing impressive skill in the ring and many near falls during this matchup. Andy Header thought he had the match and attempt his finisher, but HPR countered  and hits Andy Header with the Final Storm. Hollister Punk Rocker covers for the winning pin.

7th Match --= Undisputed Tag Team Title Match =-- Officiated by Referee Steve Chaz™ - The Mad Dog’s –w- Manager The Original Hat Guy vs. Maifu and Saifu –w- Manager VooDoo Princess Sheeta and handler Damien Hellstorm

As The Mad Dog’s make their way to the ring the crowd is very rowdy and booing them. The crowd is so loud and disrupting the Hat Guy as he attempts to tell the crowd that The Hat Guys Rules.  The crowd is very quiet and confused as is the referee and their opponents as they watch in awe as The Nigerian Nightmares –w- Manager Voodoo Princess Sheeta make their way into the ring and perform some form of pre-match ritual. The match starts out as Cujo tries to test the strength of one half of the Nigerian Nightmares by trying to shoulder  bump into him. Which I believe was the wrong thing to do with this powerhouse Nightmare.  As he attempts to Cujo takes a fall to the canvas. Both tag teams were dominating each other going back and forth with some hard hitting moves. There was so much action going on in the ring, referee Steve Chaz™ had a hard time keeping order due to many distractions around the ring apron. The one distraction cost the match for the Nigerian Nightmares. The Hat Guy jumped on the ring apron distracting Steve Chaz and holding him there while Cujo uses the chain to hit Maifu on the head for the cover and the win. The Mad Dogs retain the World Wide Wrestling Alliance Undisputed Tag Team Championship Titles.
As for the Nigerian Nightmares, they corner referee Steve Chaz™ and head butt him and perform a double senton bombs. Steve Chaz™ lay motionless in the middle of the ring. WWWA staff and security had to come in and help the referee out of the ring.

8th Match --= Intercontinental Championship Title Match =--  Officiated by Referee William Samuels -The Handyman Dominic Monroe vs. Demetrius Arion

This match was supposed to be The Handyman Dominic Monroe vs. The Intercontinental Champion The Irish Vyper. Dino Sanna enters the ring to read a letter received from the front office by the Irish Vyper.
This is the exact letter received, and I quote.”Hello Everybody of the WWWA. I would like to apologize to all the WWWA fans and to my opponent. I can’t be here tonight due to the severe weather conditions we have been experiencing. A severe gust of wind blew up my skirt and now have a terrible head cold from the gust of wind that blew up my skirt. Thank you, the Irish Vyper. So in turn Dominic Monroe complains to Dino Sanna that he wants his title shot. Dino Sanna goes to tell Dominic Monroe that he has a 2nd letter from the Vice President of the WWWA for The Handyman.  Mr. Dino Sanna reads, and I quote “ Irish Vyper has been stripped of the Intercontinental Championship Title. The Handyman Dominic Monroe will have his title shot tonight with none other than Demetrius Arion.  Monroe starts off the match with getting behind Demetrius Arion with a waist lock. Demetrius Arion simply got out of that move very quickly and destroyed Monroe with an elbow to the chest. Monroe trying to boss Demetrius Arion around in the corner with some chops to the chest, but that was no match for the Greek powerhouse. Demetris Arion reversed him in the corner and gave Monroe some powerful chops of his own. Demetrius Arion dominated the entire match against Monroe.  Monroe was no match for Demetrius Arion size, strength and power. The end was near when Demetrius Arion set up Monroe for his finisher the Running Power Slam, but The Hat Guy came out from the back distracting the referee while Cujo the Hell Hound comes in and nails Arion with a steel chair to the head. Monroe covers Arion for the pin fall win. You’re new Intercontinental Champion, The Handyman Dominic Monroe.

9th Match --= World Heavy Weight Championship Gauntlet Match =-- Officiated by Referee William Samuels –  Dr. Ruthless vs. Various WWWA Superstar’s

The match starts off with Slim Whiskey facing off against Dr. Ruthless. Ruthless makes a quick ending for Slim with a powerful splash for the pin. Next coming in the match is Sean Silence. Sean was down for the count in less than 10 seconds. Sean came in got kicked and choke slammed for the count. Next came J.D. The Ice Cream man. Ruthless splashed him into the corner and legged dropped him for the pin. The final opponent was Molson. Molson dominated the match hitting Ruthless with a piece of 2x4 wood. Chairs and many various weapons were used since this was a no D.Q. Match, falls count anywhere. In the end Dr. Ruthless prevailed as he splashed Molson on the mat for the pin fall. Your winner and still WWWA World Heavy Weight Champion, Dr. Ruthless.

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