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Sunday, 17 May 2009 09:58

In a night that had more twists and turns than a one-eyed snake, Heartbreaker Tyler Symz defeated Shatter and Demetrius Arion to become the new WORLD CHAMPION in a match that will not soon be forgotten.



The match was originally scheduled to be between Shatter and Heartbreaker, but Demetrius using his new found power as Vice President of the WWWA declared the match to be a three way title bout. Announcing that the belt should belong to Arion, he entered the ring and President Sanna concurred that this now three-way no DQ match was official. From outside the ring there was a glowing smile evolving on Chuckie D's face because he knew that Heartbreaker would be the first target and he would seek his vengeance over last week's breakup from the unlikely source of arch-rival Shatter and Arion.

As the pain was inflicted from the two against one, Arion now turned his focus on getting the belt from Shatter. As the bodies flew out of the ring and to the floor, Shatter lay face down on as Arion brought the crack of the chair to Shatter's back, Heartbreaker in the meantime had time to recover. Shatter was eventually brought back into the ring and the struggle for the belt continued. Arion still wielding the chair brought pain to whoever was close. In an incredible turnaround Arion was thrown out of the ring, by a now a hungry for victory, Heartbreaker. Shatter still immobile on the mat, Heartbreaker made the pin and the World Champion belt found a new waist to adorn.

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